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Are you looking for a concrete slab contractor?


Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co is the perfect choice for your next concrete slab project. They specialize in high-quality slabs that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Their concrete slabs are incredibly durable and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking, even under extreme conditions. Plus, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property.


More so, Their team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project goes smoothly and on schedule. Their company takes so much pride in Their work. They are confident that you will be happy with the results.


Contact Them today to get started on your concrete slab project! Otherwise, read on to know more about Their company and Their services.


What Is A Concrete Slab?

A concrete slab refers to a popular structural element made of cast concrete. It is a flat, horizontal concrete surface commonly used as a floor or a roof. To ensure durability and years of performance, contractors add welded wire mesh or reinforcing steel bars to a reinforced concrete slab.

Meanwhile, it is essential to have an expert calculate and provide proper measurements. Having the right thickness will affect the integrity of the slab and the entire structure. The slab's thickness varies depending on the project. For instance, in residential floor construction, 4 inches is the standard thickness. Experts recommend five to six inches of thickness for buildings with heavy loads regularly.


Benefits of Using Concrete Slab

A concrete slab is a very popular construction material. For years, contractors have used it to build various building structures. It is a common choice for foundations and other development projects. Unlike other construction materials, concrete is so advantageous. Its benefits include:


Durability and Longevity

There may not be a more durable construction material than concrete. The proper care and maintenance can make concrete structures last for decades. Some concrete structures can even last a lifetime. Proper reinforcement can also prolong the lifespan and robustness of concrete slabs. They can compact concrete so that They do not have any voids or porous areas in the concrete slab. Thus, reducing the chances of cracking and other damages.


Excellent Thermal Mass

Concrete has a high thermal mass, which refers to its ability to regulate the flow of thermal energy. Because of its high thermal mass, it can regulate indoor comfort and reduce or increase indoor temperatures by absorbing natural heat. Materials with high thermal mass are helpful in places with extreme day and night temperatures.



Concrete has many advantages, including its resistance to many different elements. Among them is its lack of organic material. Therefore, it does not degrade because of rotting or rusting caused by excessive heat. In addition, it has a relatively high compressive strength, which means it will not break when squeezed. They can also apply specific concrete treatments on concrete surfaces to make them more resistant to chemical spills and stains.



Another quality that makes concrete popular is its versatility. The material is so flexible you can do a lot of it. Using different methods and applications, you can create a concrete slab with the color, texture, and pattern of your preference. You can have experts custom-design it, too.


Low Maintenance

Unlike other construction materials, concrete is very easy to maintain. It does not need regular maintenance care by a pro. You can easily get rid of stains, dirt, and dust by using basic cleaning materials.



If you are looking for reliable construction material at an affordable cost, concrete is the perfect one for you. The prices of concrete slabs vary depending on factors like the slab's thickness, size, and the type of concrete used. But, in general, its prices are more affordable than using natural stones, bricks, tiles, and wood. Since it requires little maintenance, you also save money on maintenance costs in the long run.


Where To Use Concrete Slabs?

Concrete is a versatile material. You can use it for various projects. Although concrete slabs are most commonly used for floors and ceilings, you can also use them for building the following more specific structures:


Concrete Patio

Concrete makes a perfect backyard patio material. It is durable, long-lasting, and is resistant to changing weather conditions. With decorative concrete, They can achieve a concrete surface with the colors, texture, or design of your choice.


Concrete Driveways

Concrete also makes an excellent driveway. Unlike asphalt, it is more durable and long-lasting. It can hold heavy loads more efficiently than other materials. Also, it requires low maintenance, which makes it more cost-efficient.


Concrete Parking Areas

Parking areas are essential for residential areas. But it is even more vital for businesses. Parking areas require excellent materials to handle heavy weights. With so many vehicles that use the space daily, large slabs would be a perfect choice.


Concrete Garages

Garages are multi-purpose. They serve not only as a parking space for your vehicles, but they can also be a working space or a storage space. Slabs made of concrete are perfect for such a space. It is robust, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. With certain concrete applications, it can resist chemical spills and stains, too.


Building Structures

Concrete is the best material for building structures. It has all the qualities They need to make a sturdy structure that could last for decades. Using a high-quality concrete slab is integral to the structural integrity of any building. Since it is heat resistant, it makes your building safe from falling off in case of a fire.


Their Concrete Slab Services

Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co is a leading concrete slab services provider in Knoxville, Tennessee. They provide quality concrete slabs services for both residential and commercial properties. You can rest easy knowing Their products and services adhere to local building codes and standards as a reliable company.

For your concrete slab installation needs, Their company offers the following:


Poured Concrete Slab

Poured concrete slabs are slabs made by pouring concrete on site. They follow a process for installing concrete on the site, ensuring They deliver significant results. Pouring concrete gives Them the freedom to make last-minute changes to the design of the surface. It also allows Them to adjust the size of the project onsite if necessary. Given its qualities, it makes a perfect choice for customized concrete projects.

If there is a downside to this, it would be time and cost. Since They pour a concrete slab on the site, They need more tools and equipment, like a concrete mixer and bull float. They will also need more people to do the job. Thus, the installation cost is much higher. Poured concrete slabs are also time-consuming. To cure concrete slab alone takes up to 21 days. They do not leave you with wet concrete. They wait for the slabs to cure so They can do a quality check before turning over the project. Unless you are willing to wait that long, then this one's for you.


Precast Concrete Slab

As the name suggests, this type of slab is precast. The slabs are manufactured in a factory and delivered straight to the construction site. Although you can customize the size of the slab, making adjustments and last-minute changes onsite is impossible. Unlike the ones poured directly, precast costs less and is less time-consuming.


Decorative Concrete Slab

Decorative concrete slabs are slabs made with the color, pattern, or texture of your choice. They can also customize a design for your slabs, depending on your preference. This application is available only if you choose Their poured concrete slab services. Otherwise, it will be challenging to achieve the design or style you want.


Concrete Slab Repair

No matter how sturdy a concrete slab is, it will eventually show signs of wearing off due to age or constant use and exposure to harmful elements. When you see cracks and other damages, call Them immediately. They provide an array of concrete slab repair services depending on the need. Their concrete experts will be the ones to determine the right solution to address cracks and other damages on your slabs.


Their Concrete Slab Pouring Process

Pouring a concrete slab can be tricky if you are not an expert. Do not waste money trying to do it on your own. Hire Their team today. They assure you They deliver the best quality slabs that are strong enough to last for years.

Their installation procedures vary depending on the project. But, in general, the step-by-step process of pouring concrete slab involves:


Onsite Preparation

They start by ensuring the area is clean and free from any obstacles. Starting on a clean slate frees Them from distractions, making Their job easier. They also ensure all materials They need are ready.


Making Measurements and Preparing A Concrete Slab Form

Measuring the area based on the design is essential to the success of the project. They ensure all measurements are correct to avoid last-minute adjustments or changes. Meanwhile, once done making measurements, They proceed with preparing the formwork. Concrete forms serve as a mold for the slab. The forms hold the fresh concrete mix to ensure They get the shape and size They need for the project. They use hardboard to make formworks.


Installing Reinforcements

Concrete is a robust material. But, it needs reinforcements to add strength and extend its lifespan for more years. Thus, They install reinforcements, either a wire mesh or steel bars. The kind of reinforcement material used depends on the project. Their concrete experts will be the ones to determine which one to use.


Mixing Concrete Mix

Their company uses ready-mix concrete. But in exceptional cases, They customize formulation. Their concrete specialists handle calculations to ensure They get proper amounts of each component. Once the formwork is ready, and reinforcements are installed, They proceed with mixing concrete. They use a reliable concrete mixer to mix concrete.


Pouring Concrete

This process refers to when They pour mixed concrete into the formwork. As They pour concrete, They ensure to spread wet concrete evenly on all sides of the form. They make sure not to miss any spots. Also, They do it carefully to avoid creating too many air pockets.


Flatten Surface

They flatten and smoothen the surface once done, pouring the concrete mixture into the form board. They use a trowel or bull float to ensure a flat surface. Doing this procedure also ensures They fill all sides with concrete.


Cutting Control Joints

Cutting control joints is vital to prevent the slab from cracking in the wrong places. In case you are not aware, as concrete cures, it shrinks as it also reacts to temperature changes.


Drying Concrete

Usually, concrete will dry up in two days, depending on the weather condition. But, in Their company, They cure concrete surfaces for 21 days. That is the recommended curing process to ensure the surface is ready. It is also crucial to ensure the concrete surface is firm and will last long.


Why Hire Them

In recent years, competition has reached a different level. Good thing Their company remains on top of the concrete industry in Knoxville, TN. Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co remains its top spot because They continue to provide Their customers with:


World-Class Concrete Slab Services

At Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co, They only provide world-class quality services. They work very hard to keep Their business license and other industry certifications to ensure They do so. They also follow all local codes and regulations. While They care about Their reputation, They also understand how vital customer satisfaction is in Their business. That is why you can be confident They will assist you every step of the way.


Professional Concrete Experts

They can deliver excellent results because They have the experts do the job. They are proud to say They have the best people to work on your project. Their concrete experts have years of industry knowledge and experience. You can be confident They will not fail you.


Use of High-Quality Materials

They understand that no matter how good They are, it's useless if They do not use suitable materials. At Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co, you can be confident They only use top-of-the-line concrete materials to create slabs. They compromise nothing to ensure They deliver the same quality of work on all Their concrete slab projects. Their company has a team of concrete experts sourcing quality concrete mixes from reliable suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.


Competitive Concrete Slab Cost

Their company has a dedicated team that works double-time to provide you with the most competitive prices in town. Their concrete slab costs are based on the national average range. But, They make sure They offer you a more affordable price compared to Their competitors. More so, They will give you the best deal possible.


Free Consultation and Cost Estimate

Their company offers free consultation and estimate services to potential and existing customers. Their services are non-committal. They provide them for free because They care about you making an informed decision.


Contact Them Today

Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co. has been in the business of providing high-quality concrete slabs for years, and They have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.


They understand that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a contractor for your concrete slab project, which is why They work hard to earn your trust and provide you with the best possible service.

Contact Them today via Their customer hotline number. Their representatives are available daily during business hours. Otherwise, you can reach Them online by sending a message using the contact form on Their website. You can trust Their team to reply to online inquiries as soon as They can.

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